The National Chimney Sweeping Safety Association is a Professional Trade Association and was formed in September 2017 by Experienced Professional Chimney Sweeps with the aim of taking the ancient art of chimney sweeping into the 21st century.

NCSSA Members are Fully Trained and Highly Specialised Chimney Sweeps who operate and adhere to the NCSSA stringent code of practice and work to the highest standards in their field.

All our members are fully qualified to not only sweep your chimney flue systems but to also offer other services such as Safety Inspections, Maintenance and Surveys.

Every chimney flue system swept will receive a Certificate of Chimney Sweeping upon completion and be given to you by your NCSSA Chimney Sweep which will document faults, if any, and recommend when your chimney will next require cleaning.

All NCSSA Chimney Sweeps carry on board every possible piece of equipment required to sweep and check your chimney flue system. As you would expect all NCSSA Chimney Sweeps have every make of Rods, Brushes and Tools available on the market to ensure that they can sweep all appliances and flues.

All NCSSA Chimney Sweeps are also trained, in the use of, and carry other equipment such as the latest in Power Sweeping Technology and state of the art CCTV equipment.

CCTV Systems are mandatory to ALL NCSSA Members

All NCSSA Members are Fully Insured and carry with them always a copy of their Public Liability Insurance.

All NCSSA Chimney Sweeps are vetted and must show, on a regular basis, that they are courteous in all aspects of their services provided.

So, when you are next thinking of having your chimney swept, why not put your trust in a NCSSA Chimney Sweep.